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Luxury sailing yacht cruise along Akamas National Park

Cruise in style aboard a luxury sailing private yacht. You will find crystal clear calm waters, perfect for a relaxing cruise. Experience the wonders of the Akamas national park coastline, swim in the incredible Blue Lagoon, and snorkel amongst ancient amphora and fascinating marine life, such as large sea turtles and even seals.

The coastline of the Akamas peninsula is probably the most beautiful in Cyprus. On the surface the barren volcanic outcrop is home to multiple species of seabirds, and animals like foxes, hedgehogs and hares, whilst below the surface is home to a vast array of marine life including tuna, groupers, trumpet fish and octopus.

As soon as you arrive at Blue Lagoon, you will be dazzled by the beautiful clear turquoise water and white sandy bottom. The beautiful bay provides a vital habitat for many types of marine life with excellent snorkeling visibility. It is a definite must see!

Another must see place to visit is Fontana Amorosa. The name translates to “fountain of love” but for the ancient romans it was more like the fountain of life. An inland spring was located here that provided a fresh water supply for their fleet. There are still four visible cutouts in the rocks for docking boats and its location provides shelter from the prevailing wind, a perfect place to stop for a while. Look underwater and as you might expect from a harbor you will find some rubbish, but ancient rubbish in the form of amphora. Some are said to be offerings to the gods, whereas others are clearly from shipwrecks. Most of these have now fused into the rocks and have become homes to various types of marine life.

The cruise departs and finishes from the Latchi Bay and you can book online.